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According to Prof. Dr. Joachim Bauer, the teaching profession is considered to be amongst those occupations most affected by burnout syndrome. Between 20 % and 30% of all teachers are significantly impacted by stress-related health problems¹. Optimum nutrition and lifestyle ensure that both body and mind stay vital and happy so that teachers can pursue their jobs with satisfaction.
According to a study conducted by ETH Zürich² in 30 Swiss schools in the year 2000, between 19.2% and 27.4% of the children were overweight and between 5.6% and 16.3% were obese. Childhood obesity may lead to chronic adult diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Also, the Swiss Federal Institute of Statistics reports that prescriptions for Ritalin, a drug administered to children who suffer from attention deficit syndrome or hyperactivity, increased by 690% between 1996 and 2000 (Tages-Anzeiger, 07.10.2005).

Optinutrition™ offers vitality workshops and teambuilding cooking events to help teachers improve their health and stamina in everyday school life. Health promoting solutions for children and adolescents in and around the classroom and cafeteria! are also a point of focus.


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