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Optinutrition™ stands for a holistic philosophy which aims to increase your physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being. The first step is to look at your symptoms and to establish their relationship with nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Then, we develop an individualised programme that suits your needs.

Optinutrition™ offers consultations for families and individuals as well as workshops and seminars for companies and groups such as doctor’s practices, homeopaths, psychologists, dietitians, parents’ associations, sports associations, and schools.

On the net, Optinutrition™ publishes 4 quarterly articles on Nutrition Facts and Health issues for men, women, and children. The author encourages you to print out the information you need and share it with your friends. While the recommendations made in the articles are based on scientific research, they do not replace the professional help of a qualified nutrition therapist and/or general practitioner.

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